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28 June - sees the opening of the exhibition 'Famille Verte. Chinese Porcelain in Green Enamels' at the Groninger Musum in Groningen. Over 200 magnificent pieces display the wealth of colours and shapes of this specific group of Chinese porcelain, made for the domestic market as well as for export. Several pieces used in this book are prominently on show in the exhibition! For more information see http://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/exhibition/famille-verte

23 June – the book is finally with the printers! It’s now a countdown to actually holding it in our hands. The website is up, we are working on the payment processing…. it’s all starting to fall into place.

2 June saw the celebration of Princessedag at the Princessehof Ceramic Museum. This year the theme was ‘Happiness in China’. The event was very well attended with lots of activities for children, including dressing up as characters from our book.

Watch this space for photographs!

See www.princessehof.nl/inhoud/51.html for details of Princessedag.

29 April saw the opening of the exhibition 10,000x Happiness at the Princessehof Ceramic Museum, which includes large panels of each page of A Bowlful of Happiness, on which the children’s tour is based.

Watch this space for photographs!

For details of the exhibition please go to



A Bowlful of  http://abowlfulofhappiness.bigcartel.com/
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       COPY NOW!http://abowlfulofhappiness.bigcartel.com/
Happiness http://abowlfulofhappiness.bigcartel.com/

It’s here, and we love it!

The book is now available for sale in both languages on this website. It is also selling well in an increasing number of museums in both countries. To date, museums include: the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; the Groninger Museum, Groningen; the Princessehof Ceramic Museum, Leeuwarden; the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; and the Musee des Beaux Arts, Brussels. Bookshops include Meijering Art Books (http://www.meijeringartbooks.com/ ), The Mayflower Bookshop, Leiden and Silvester Bookshop, Leiden. It will be reviewed in the Newsletter of the Oriental Ceramic Society (www.ocs-london.com). We are planning book launches in Oxford and Leiden for September, and hope to have an event during Asian Art in London in November. We are also working on producing cards and wrapping paper using the illustrations.

We’ve got our hands full, but the only way is up!

August 2011    Hurrah!

11 September 2011  - Book Signing in Silvester

11 September saw the Leiden launch of the book – the wond
erful children’s bookshop Silvester (www.silvester-leiden.nl) was packed to the gills and the books flew! The book is now stocked in 5 other Leiden shops as well, and is selling well… in fact the print run of the Dutch edition is very nearly sold out. If you need it in Dutch, be quick!

It’s here, and we love it!

From left: Welmoet Wartena (designer), Harriet Impey and Katie Pickwoad

September 2011

We’ve crossed the channel!

16 September – Book Launch in Oxford

16 September saw the launch of the book in the UK, with a gallery talk at the Ashmolean Museum by curators Shelagh Vainker and Clare Pollard – many thanks are due to them for their fascinating discussion of the themes of our book in relation to the objects in the Chinese and Japanese galleries – followed by drinks at Harriet’s family house. It was tremendous fun, and the book is now on sale at the Ashmolean shop.

Our London launch will take place during Asian Art in London in the Harris Lindsay Gallery on Jermyn Street, in conjunction with Dries Blitz’s exhibition of Chinese art. See http://harrislindsay.com/fairs-exhibitions/blitz-chinese-ceramics-and-wor/  for details. Watch this space!
We will also have a book signing during PAN Amsterdam International Art Fair (www.pan.nl) with Meijering Art Books http:/www.meijeringartbooks.com/

Van Stockum (www.vanstockum.nl)

Mevrouw Kern            


Mayflower Bookshop, Hogewoerd (www.mayflower-bookshop.nl)

De Kler, Breestraat (www.dekler.nl)

gallery talk at the Ashmolean Museum

October 2011

The Dutch edition has SOLD OUT! We are currently planning a reprint – contact us if you would like to know more!

On November 23 Katie and Harriet were signing books at Meijering Art Books during PAN Amsterdam International Art Fair, alongside Christiaan Jörg, Eva Ströber and Menno Fitski with their recently published books. It was lovely to see the books being sold to a whole new selection of art lovers! We made the official decision to reprint the Dutch edition, given the demand and forthcoming reviews in (among others) the Art Newspaper and Aziatische Kunst. The second edition should be out shortly – watch this space!

We are also working on our next two books, both of which will be linked to Japan… we are enjoying ourselves so much, we can’t wait for them to be done!

November 2011

November 6 saw a fabulous party during Asian Art in London at Harris Lindsay Works of Art in London () in conjunction with Dries Blitz’s exhibition of Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art. It was tremendous fun, and the enthusiasm with which the book was received has opened up all sorts of possibilities…

Big thanks are due to Bruce Lindsay, Marieke McMahon, Dries and Diana Blitz, Jane Impey and the inimitable Pickwoad girls for all their help!

Harriet’s  trip to the Peabody Essex Museum was great fun, and she was delighted that the book received such an enthusiastic response. The book is in pride of place in the museum bookshop (with a curator’s choice sticker on it!) and is selling well.

Harriet visited a local school as part of a museum-school collaboration, and discussed the book and her inspiration with the pupils. She also did a Saturday afternoon activity for children based around the book in the museum.  After a storytelling session, there was an art activity, where the children painted their own plates inspired by Chinese porcelain.

It was such fun to see the children being inspired to make their own creations, and telling her about the books they were going to write… who knows, maybe we will have started someone off on their own creative adventure!

Following the enthusiasm for the book expressed by other museums, we hope shortly to have the book for sale elsewhere in the US, in Colonial Williamsburg to begin with.

April 2012

With the second Dutch edition selling well, things are looking good!

Also, most excitingly, Harriet has been invited to give a presentation and signing of the book at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. The Museum will be using the book for an educational programme.

America, here we come!

The audience creeps closer and closer…

The children’s creations!

February 2012

Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts